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MSN, Masters, Clinical Nurse Leadership

Following a path to marketing and business administration has proven unsatisfying, one in which I had no passion, and frankly was not where my heart truly lay.  I simply cannot go forward in a career where I do not have direct contact with people, in an atmosphere of healing, one in which my touch, my contact, increases the amelioration of lives, one patient at a time.  I have reached a point in my life, my career, where I need to give credence to my dream.  Indeed, from the time I was a little girl in Bangkok, I longed to be a nurse.

When I was 13, I lost both my mother and grandmother.  Their passing, the pain I felt, while it has subsided over the years, still remains.  Whether or not I must forget the past is irrelevant; I know that I never will.  I was by their side in their time of need, doing all I could to make them comfortable, being their companions at their journey’s end.  Deepak Chopra succinctly describes the compassion I felt burning inside of me, and continue to feel: “In the giving of oneself there is a direct experience of pain, yet in the giving there is love.  Thus compassion has the power to dissolve pain by not avoiding it.”  I think I know how hard it is to live with sickness both for oneself and for the people we love.

We never forget those moments in time when our lives are forever changed, unalterably.  Last year, I started my training to become a massage therapist.  With every step, learning the inner workings of the human body, the various systems, so intricately and completely linked, I was deeply fascinated.  Something happened to me, though.  When I placed my hands on my clients, I felt not only a connection, but that I was fulfilling my role completely.  And yet, I knew there was more I wanted to do, and working with clients as a volunteer massage therapist at Shady Grove Hospital has convinced me that I am ready for the challenge and commitment of a Nursing degree program.  The client interaction and contact brought me an inner fulfillment; I was helping and thoroughly enjoying my work.  Even now, completing my prerequisites, I am smitten with the courses, eager to learn more and all the more certain of my burgeoning career’s course.

In the most practical terms, as a General Manager of CRP Associated in Bangkok, I refined my leadership skills, ability to delegate, practiced good judgment – especially with cost analysis, IT skills and a personal commitment to quality work in a deadline-oriented environment.  The leadership skills I developed will translate well into the CNL program, bringing years of relevant managerial and supervisory experience to the Nursing field.  Moreover, my foundation in business administration, one in which statistics was a matter of course, will be instrumental in affecting change in the nursing industry, increasing accuracy and productivity.

Conducting my own research into the career of nursing and how to go about obtaining an MS, I found that I have much to offer to the CNL program.  In terms of my professional experiences, I have spent almost half of my career in Bangkok and the remainder in the US and have achieved a high level of cultural competency.  My skills are not only professional, but also cross-cultural and multilingual.  I have a solid foundation with which to work from as I seek to serve diverse patients and interact effectively with medical professionals of differing backgrounds.  We always met the diverse needs of our clients in varied situations with planning, prioritizing and goal-setting skills with an eye to assuring the best possible outcome.

 Serving the future of nursing, helping others, will bring me a personal and professional satisfaction that no other field possibly could.  I thank you for your time, consideration, and eagerly await your response.

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