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Architecture Masters, Design, Taiwanese Applicant, Chinese Woman Fluent in Spanish, Multicultural Themes

Now a US citizen born and raised in Taiwan, I am a devoted student of architecture who has worked hard to prepare herself to enter your Master’s in Architecture Program at XXXX. Your program is my first choice because I see it as the finest of its kind in the world. I feel strongly that my broad ranging undergraduate studies at XXXX University in Design and Development, Supply Chain, Information Sciences and Technology, and Business as well as the Liberal Arts will enable me to hit the ground running and excel in your rigorous program at XXXX. In addition to your thoroughgoing and highly creative curriculum, I am attracted to the vast resources such as The XXXX Institute of Design and the BEST lab. 

I am seeking the fullest immersion experience possible architecture so that I will be able to come up with solutions through creative and innovative designs. On top of mastering the skills required to excel at architecture, I want to focus my studies on architectural/building technology and how information technology (IT) and data can be combined to help make decisions to create more efficient structures that foster more sustainable ways of living. I have chosen Architecture as my career because I see it as the best vehicle for me to maximize my contribution to society, helping it to reach its fullest potential, both in terms of my local community and global society in general. I look forward to contributing to the diversity of XXXX as a Chinese woman devoted to the celebration of multiculturalism. Fluent in Spanish which I studied for several years in high school in Taiwan, I seek the fullest possible immersion experience in the best ways to go about creating sustainable societies in harmony with our environments so as to achieve the highest quality of life possible, especially for generations to come and I look forward to learning from my peers from all over the world as well as my professors and guest speakers.

At the center of my intellectual and professional worlds stand my passion for technology and research, aggregating data on everything from natural resources to human behavior patterns in a never-ending search for better ways to make decisions and improved design for building structures. I look forward with keen anticipation to a lifetime of study and investigation into the best ways to maximize local resources, designing and putting into place the cleanest and most effective processes possible that result in sustainable structures in harmony with both their natural and human environments. The company that I work for, XXXX, is currently collaborating extensively with the Golden State Warriors Arena in San Francisco to reinvent an immersive experience at the Chase Center. This multi-year project will engage the community through a program called “Fannovate” where fans get to contribute ideas on what will be taken into account as the Chase Center is being built. Serving at the forefront of this operation will help me to excel at XXXX and have important things to share both in and out of the classroom.

I seek full engagement throughout a long professional lifetime seeking out and facilitating novel commercial opportunities that promote innovation. In the design of an educational institution, I would seek to foster an optimal learning environment by fomenting collaboration. If designing a home for the elderly, I would create a space that is accessible and encourages the elderly to depend on themselves rather than their nurses, empowering the elderly is to live in a dignified fashion. I would harness technology to track factors that contribute to creating/improving the functional purposes of the building and creating optimal experiences for the people using it. I fully intend to continue to make great strides at becoming a master of cutting edge software in architectural design and I seek the most rigorous formation possible with respect to the many ways that information technology can be harnessed to the cause of creating a more sustainable environment. I want to learn everything that I can not only about architecture but also cutting-edge developments in building technology and how to incorporate data (IT) into building technology to make accurate predictions on which to base creative designs.

 After earning my Masters at XXXX, I anticipate beginning my career at an architecture firm, learning the trade and gaining skill at attending to real-life needs in the architectural industry, working towards becoming a licensed architect. I hope to be selected to work in a firm that affords me the opportunity to engage in research concerning technological advance for our firm and the industry as a whole.

I have a very strong background in IT and a profound passion for innovation, always looking for new ways to improve our current way of doing something. In addition to distinguishing myself as a student and a professional, I have also worked hard to give something back to society as a volunteer, translating letters from Mandarin to English for World Vision for a full year. I volunteered at an animal shelter in college for one semester and I love playing piano. I auditioned to play piano in high school and was accepted to the jazz band. I have also studied IB music (similar to AP) for 2 years in high school. I learned a great deal about music theory, history, and how to compose music, and learned to do ballroom dancing and placed 6th in a small competition. I adore learning new languages and continue to improve my Spanish which I began learning in high school.

I thank you for your consideration of my application to the Master in Architecture Program at XXXX.

Sample Personal Statement for the Master’s Degree in Architecture, Saudi Arabia Applicant

I was awarded a 1:1 degree in Architectural Technology in 2009 and have been employed since graduation as an Inspection Engineer at the King Abdulaziz International Airport project. I now wish to acquire the additional skills and knowledge to enable me to pursue career advancement and, ultimately, a Ph.D. and the combined roles of consultant, researcher and teacher.

I have loved art since as far back as I can recall but have also always been fascinated the way things work and how they might be improved. Consequently Architecture’s meld of engineering and aesthetics was a natural choice and I find it very fulfilling. One of my ambitions is to create utility and beauty using the best of classical design with the best of modern materials. Architecture is fundamentally important in everyone’s life, it impacts on the environment of many and its fruits will stand perhaps for generations. The responsibilities of an architect are quite breath-taking combining so many disparate skills and taking into account the needs of so many with direct and indirect interests in a project. I am particularly excited at the rate and kind of developments being achieved in building design and materials such as those that might even provide us with buildings that produce energy rather than consume it.

My work to date has provided a good base on which to proceed professionally and academically. I have worked on site, seen some work progress from hand sketches to the finish. I worked as a co-ordinator in Beirut for three months while completing project management and contracts workshop. My role lay between that of an Operations Manager and an Executive Engineer.

I was raised in Saudi Arabia and left the country only when I began my undergraduate studies in England. The contrast in cultures was very marked and it took a little time for me to adjust. However, I soon came to understand and appreciate much of the host culture and particularly like the British sense of humour. I also took the opportunity to admire the enormous variety of interesting modern and historic architecture in Britain and the ingenuity employed to erect and decorate the latter. I am now fairly widely travelled and have studied and socialised with people of many cultures and social backgrounds and will always be grateful for having my personal and professional horizons broadened to the extent they have been and look forward to extending them further.

Shortly after starting work, I started studying for my Master’s on a part-time basis. I was required to undertake pre-Master studies because the degree was in Industrial Engineering. I successfully completed four modules to qualify to pursue the main course. The modules completed were Engineering Economy, Engineering Statistics, Operation Research & Planning and Production Control. Since beginning the course proper, I have completed modules in Advanced Engineering Statistics, Advanced Engineering Economy, Concept and Principles of Engineering Management and Safety Engineering. The coming semester will be the last one before I travel to England and will cover Quality and Performance Management, Production & Operation Management, Managerial Accounting and Project Management. I have completed 10 of the 14 modules required to graduate and intend to complete the degree once I have returned from England.

My schedule is extremely demanding, working and studying simultaneously and making some time for recreation and rest is not an easy life.  My working day begins early and ends late, this has taught me valuable lessons in successful multi-tasking, time management and prioritisation. I believe that this also provides evidence of exceptional commitment and diligence.

I have carefully considered the courses open to me and conclude that your own is an ideal ‘fit’. I seek a highly challenging but supportive academic environment. I also seek a prestigious faculty whose eyes are very much on the future of architecture and a programme which will involve working alongside highly dedicated, international students in order to obtain mutually profitable networking opportunities. I am confident that your programme will provide all this and more. I look forward eagerly to ‘adding value’ to the course and assure the reader that I shall seek to excel rather than merely succeed within it.

To summarise: I have an excellent Bachelor degree in a directly relevant subject; I have two years successful work in construction; I have proven ability to study successfully at this advanced level and have proved commitment and diligence in pursuing my goals.

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