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I see Global MBAs as the primary economic and development motors of the world, Thus, It is a privilege to help as many people as I can in this area, in addition to applicants to DBA and PHD Programs in Business Administration.

It is always a special honor to draft DBA, PHD, and MBA statements on behalf of clients whose story excites me, applicants who I feel strongly are in a unique position to give something of importance back to the profession of Business Administration. I only do my best, taking the time to reflect on your story as well, usually doing some internet research on your behalf.

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Master's Degree in Business, , Sample MBA Personal Statement, Focus on Marketing and Advertising, Chinese Applicant

The XXXX Faculty of Management at XXXX University is my first choice for earning my Master’s Degree in Business with a focus on Marketing and Advertising; primarily because of its sheer excellence; and the vast professional, cultural, and intellectual resources of XXXX, research institutions, etc. My own special research interests lie in the overlap between business and educational administration and educational psychology, on the one hand, and multicultural and multilingual education on the other.

I have been helping at a migrant workers school for the last couple of years here in America, teaching English classes and managing school visitors and potential donors. Born in China, I moved to New Zealand when I was 16 years old, and stayed there for the next 6 years – which did wonders for my English. It was not long after my return that I left again, for more extensive time studying abroad, in Japan as well as the USA. While my Japanese is not nearly as good as my English, I am pleased to continue to make progress in this language as I feel strongly that is important to my career and my long-term goals in international business development with a focus on Canada and South East Asia.

It would be a particular honour for me to study at XXXXl under Professors XXXX and XXXXn – who both run research centres at XXXXl. Professor XXXX’s AME Centre, studying achievement and setting along with motivation as target greatly arouses my curiosity. I am currently working with multi-national, elite students in China and becoming adept at working towards the successful resolution of their issues. I face difficult challenges every day stemming from poor student motivation, often dealing with unachievable goals; procrastination is especially common. As elite students, my students generally do better that average with self-regulation and goal setting. Therefore, I am very eager to develop my knowledge in how to motivate and assist them with reasonable goal setting in post-secondary institutions characterized by high levels of diversity. Professor XXXX’s focus is to promote social inclusion and I am most excited about taking a class from her as well. I have experience promoting and building positive community among students from different cultures and background, working ceaselessly to cultivate tolerance for differences in a wide number of different areas and arising from a similarly broad variety of factors: religions, disabilities and LGBTQ, etc.

XXXX is a dream city for me, since I love diversity, multilingual settings, and I could not be happier to have such a marvelous opportunity to improve my French. A big fan of the Arts and cultural events, XXXX is perfect for me in many ways. famous for having vibrant arts scene. I see earning my MBA at McGill as the optimal springboard preparing me for maximum performance in a very fast growing, increasingly globalized, higher education industry. Several factors in particular are resulting in great changes in Chinese educational systems and norms, with more and more students being able to afford to pursue a post-secondary degree in another countries. Online courses as well, are also revolutionizing our educational systems, shaking up the dynamics of many areas, the faculty, student affairs and administration, giving rise to novel issues that have to be resolved on a daily basis. Greater foresight will be needed in the future, along with multi-national, multilingual professionals with advanced degree in business and education who are able to develop new systems based on the evolving needs of new generations of students who are setting out to get an education in rapidly changing, business contexts. I have grown up and spent my adolescence and young adult years in multilingual and multicultural communities and I am pleased to have developed an advanced familiarity with North American culture and educational systems. This comes from my varied experience studying, working, and managing several international education institutes. I would like to develop further research on how to empower students and develop students’ leadership skills and interests, particularly in the context of multi-cultural education.

In addition to the core curriculum of XXXX’s MBA Program, I also look forward to studying counselling psychology, student affairs and school administration as well as teaching and curriculum design, preparing myself to give my all to almost every aspect of the operation of a multicultural educational institute. Earning my Master’s Degree and the ongoing experience as an international student will help to prepare me for a highly productive, professional lifetime assisting not only international students studying in China or who wish to study in China, but also Chinese students seeking education overseas. At some point in my career I see myself becoming a senior-level manager of a school administration team, ideally the Dean of Students. I keenly look forward to a lifetime of service helping and advising students on academic and career decisions.

I have more than 10 years of professional experience in higher and adult education industries; thus, I am adept at relating theory to practical experience. I want to grow along with our exciting, global, education industry as it expands and develops, always giving my all to helping students to make the right decisions at critical moments in their lives that will largely determine the shape of their future. A patient listener, I truly very much enjoy helping others and making them feel comfortable seeking my advice. I look forward to sharing some of my own personal experiences of learning and living overseas, as examples to help other students adjust to cultural differences in what are generally radically new environments. My long-term goal is to someday begin my own consulting business focused on the preparation of Chinese students prior to their advanced education abroad. I seek the MBA because I see business as the ultimate goal of education, at least in terms of economic development and the search for prosperity. I also believe that the recognition is unavoidable, especially in today’s world, that Education is also Business and it must be the business of us all.

I thank you for considering my application to the MBA Program at XXXX Univeristy.

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Great Accomplishments in Business

We believe that the greatest accomplishments in business have come about through innovation. So here are some of the most innovative companies (in our book) that have been making waves in the last couple of years.

Warby Parker

Warby Parker is an American e-retailer of sunglasses and prescription eyeglasses that also has twenty physical retail locations.

Launched in 2010, the company opened its first standalone store in 2013, and while Warby may be known for its try-at-home packs of inexpensive hipster-approved frames, it was founded to "build a business that could solve problems instead of creating them." –to that end, the company partners with nonprofits to train people to provide eye exams and sell glasses in their own communities.

At home, the NYC-based brand has pledged to donate approximately 20,000 pairs of glasses to local students in need over the next four years. The company hopes to roll out similar programs country wide in the near future.


Apple Inc. is an American technology company that almost everyone knows. It’s recognized for its pivotal developments in hardware, software, and online services.

Cofounded in 1976 by the revered tech entrepreneur and inventor Steve Jobs and engineer Steve Wozniack, Apple has continually revolutionized the consumer electronics industry.

This company helped usher in the age of the personal computer in the 1980s with the sleek, affordable Macintosh; it bolstered the age of digital-music listening with the iPod in 2001 (and later iTunes), and laid the groundwork for the current smartphone landscape with 2007's iPhone and iOS operating system.

Apple is now a multinational corporation, influencing consumer technology on a global level, growing an entertainment business with Apple Music and Apple TV—even breaking into the auto and health care industries.

Apple is the dominant high-end phone maker in China—its second-most important market after the United States, where its mobile operating system already enjoys a 44% market share after Android's 51%, despite the price differentiation. Globally, the iPhone has the second-highest smartphone market share, second to Samsung. 

Apple's design-first approach has become enmeshed in the fabric of everything the company touches, from its fast-growing retail concept, the Apple Store, to the interfaces of 2010's iPad and 2015's Apple Watch.

The company has been expanding beyond its traditional consumer electronics roots. In 2014, Apple purchased headphones and music streaming company Beats for nearly $3 billion, laying the groundwork for its own streaming service Apple Music, for launch in 2015. It’s also growing its entertainment footprint.

In its fiscal 2015 fourth quarter, Apple posted quarterly revenue of $51.5 billion: its most successful year ever.

Up next on the horizon for the company will be a push to expand its global reach. Apple has been doubling App Store sales in China every year since 2013. It is in the process of growing its fleet of physical Apple Stores in China from just six stores in 2013 to forty in the next year.


The West has a simple narrative about Alibaba: it’s a Chinese e-commerce giant that raised $25 billion in an IPO in New York last fall, and is a sort of eBay-Amazon-Paypal hydra.

However, in China, the company—run by CEO Jack Ma—is far more ambitious. Last year, it began targeting some of the country’s most moneyed industries, from banking to entertainment.

Its Internet finance arm, Yu’e Bao, looks to have the earliest impact: it offers Alipay customers higher returns than state-run banks that pay paltry interest rates. Starved for investment options, the masses responded in droves by putting in $82 billion in the first year. Blue ocean success in motion!


Google has been improving its machine learning technology for years. The company announced in mid-2015 that Google Photos was now searchable—type in "cat" and pictures of your pet will pop up.

Another development was unveiled in 2015: Smart Reply, a plug-in for Inbox that reads emails and suggests short responses.

None of its new developments are quite perfect yet, but all of them were the result of Google's artificial intelligence engine, TensorFlow, often considered one of the world's most advanced AI systems.

TensorFlow processes complicated data through a neural network faster than any of Google's previous AI engines. It can be run on thousands of computers, meaning it's scalable.

Perhaps the most significant--and surprising--announcement regarding TensorFlow came when Google decided to open-source part of it—letting anyone try out its algorithms and, it hopes, improve them.

The goal, according to the tech company, is to "accelerate research on machine learning"—which could certainly benefit both Google and the data community as a whole.


Design porn is fun until you try redesigning your own home, and realize you have no idea whether you can afford that granite countertop and if you can find a contractor to do the job well and within budget.

That’s the fragmented, time-sucking conundrum that Adi Tatarko and her husband faced in 2009, as they renovated their home.

And that’s why they started Houzz: a visually-driven platform where consumers can find trusted home renovators, professional designers, and even shop by photos of their dream bathrooms or kitchens.

In six years, it has an audience of 25 million active monthly users and seemingly endless opportunities to shape the $300 billion global design and decor market to its taste.

Business is a space there creativity is at its most profitable. You can also tailor it to your values and tastes. How will you do that? And can be assist you with a great personal statement to get you onto the best program possible?

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