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Civil Engineering, Iranian Applicant to Master’s Degree Program in Disaster Management Response

I look forward to contributing to the diversity of the University of XXXX as an Iranian woman. Eleven years ago, my mother and I relocated from Tehran, Iran to Seattle, Oregon and made a new home for ourselves in every way in the United States. Reflecting on our own immigration experience has helped me to understand the experiences not only of other Iranian immigrants, but also recent immigrants to Seattle from other parts of the world. The University of Washington’s Infrastructure Planning and Management Program is my first choice for graduate study, for a variety of reasons in addition to being based in my home city. Most of all, I am drawn to the uniqueness of your program and feel strongly that I am a good fit with your curriculum, which dovetails very nicely with my professional and academic interests. With experience helping out with recovery from Hurricane Irma, coupled to my academic background in Civil Engineering, I have a solid foundation and fresh experience that is highly relevant for Emergency and Disaster Management Response and Infrastructure Planning.

I very much appreciate the University of XXXX’s mission, including respect for diversity and the incorporation of principles of equality – with the promotion of socially responsible administration of private as well as public sectors; and special consideration for the more vulnerable members of our society (such as undocumented residents living in irregular and/or precarious conditions). I hope to be remembered, in particular, for being very dedicated to the protection of vulnerable, marginalized populations or communities. In your program, I will acquire a thoroughgoing immersion in the study of population growth and climate change that will prepare me for what I will face in the future as an Emergency Manager and Infrastructure Planner. I cannot imagine a more noble and fulfilling life than to spend it creating solutions to save the planet and our species, and to rescue the vulnerable and care for their basic needs in times of disaster.

I hope to become a leading thinker and a theoretical problem solver in the field of Infrastructure Planning. After completing your program, I look forward to decades to come serving professionally as a risk manager and/or transportation planner doing everything that I can to preserve our natural home and its inhabitants in the most sustainable ways possible. Your program will prepare me well to become the most highly skilled infrastructure planner that I can become, at the service of my community and its natural environment. For many years now, I have day-dreamed of designing and building a sustainable and livable community for common people of very modest resources. Thus, I hope to engage in research and complete my capstone project in the area of urban planning and emergency readiness.

I adore Seattle for so many reasons, not the least of which is the way that it is built above the original level of the street. As I was inspecting the city’s underground, I traced the urban transformations of the 19th century – including a great fire that destroyed most of the city.  Originally, buildings were made out of wood and whenever the rain came, the streets would fill with mud chocking most forms of transportation. I appreciate how today all new construction must be made of stone or brick masonry and the underground is generally built with retraining walls on either side of what had formerly been street level. Civil engineering and urban planning have helped Seattle to become a sustainable place to live in only gradually, over the course of centuries.

Now home to Amazon, Boeing, Microsoft, and Starbucks, I could not be more excited by the transformations occurring in my city. I have watched with keen intrigue how our transportation system has evolved in accordance with demand and the way that new technologies make improvements possible in our transportation, and our lives generally speaking. Earning my Master’s Degree in the area of Infrastructure Planning and Management will give me the opportunity to gain the knowledge and experience in the area of Transportation Planning - helping me to master the identification of strategies and prioritization of transportation projects to improve safety and mobility for the people of Seattle.

As well travelled as I am read, I feel very privileged to have had the opportunity to explore a variety of cultures in Western Europe, as well as Turkey, and Dubai, in addition to Iran; each time leaving me astonished at how much I learned about that society in only a short time. I will bring creativity and enthusiasm to everything that I do at the University of XXXX, giving my all 24/7 to the study of disaster and emergency management, transportation, urban planning, cybersecurity, and water supply – all with an eye on my city: Seattle.

I thank you for considering my application.

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Sample 1st 2 Paragraphs for the Masters Degree in Petroleum Engineering

I am a young man from Nigeria and I have completed my undergraduate studies in mechanical engineering last year. I am very passionate about helping my country to prosper. I have chosen to build a career in the area of oil and gas exploration because this is Nigeria’s greatest economic resource and the principal hope that we have to develop as a nation. I am also concerned, however, with the preservation of our environment. This is what I see as the strongest aspect of my application to your competitive scholarship program, my dedication to the goal of proceeding to develop Nigeria’s vast energy resources in sustainable ways that will allow our children and grandchildren to prosper at the same time that we protect our environment, our soil, and, most importantly, the health of our people.

I look forward to struggling throughout my entire professional life to meet the urgent challenges that Nigeria faces in the development of its oil and gas industry. I join with others in insisting that we establish an oil and gas industry council to discuss pertinent issues affecting the entire petroleum industry in Nigeria. Of special importance from my perspective is the development of indigenous Nigerian entrepreneurs that will spur economic diversification.

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Masters Sample Integrated Marketing Communications, Saudi Arabian

Always a good student and hard worker, I give my all to my company, Saudi Aramco, one of the largest oil companies in my country, Saudi Arabia. They have rewarded my efforts by giving me a scholarship to earn a graduate degree in the USA. I’m very excited and extremely highly motivated to have the opportunity to broaden my professional horizons through exposure to global perspectives on international marketing and communications strategies, particularly with respect to the issue of climate change and our increasing investment in clean energy, as well as keeping the oil industry as clean as possible for as long as fossil fuels are needed.

The Master's Degree Program in Integrated Marketing Communications at XXXX University is my first choice for continued study in my field as a graduate student for a variety of reasons, mostly the way in which the sheer excellence and flexibility of your program meets my professional needs. I have served Saudi Aramco so far primarily as a financial analyst and we are going to be publicly listed in 2018. Thus, I seek a world-class education in all of the ways that my company can take advantage of this development to the fullest degree. I see your program at Georgetown as the optimal program for preparing me to make my maximum contribution to my business organization, helping it to grow on an international level.

Saudi Aramco is already a highly international company with subsidiaries and joint ventures across the globe. The IPO in 2018 will sell only 5% of the company’s value, estimated at approximately US$2 trillion. Marketing Communications is the area in which I need the fullest level of training possible in order to maximize my contribution to this ongoing process and I see the Master’s Program at XXXX as the optimal springboard upon which to launch the next phase of my career. My most developed skill set and aptitudes are in the area of satisfying customer needs as a public relations expert. While I began my career at Aramco as a Financial Analyst, increasingly, I have been engaged with PR activities and programs. It was a special honor, for example, to have a share in hosting projects for royal events attended by the king. I have also been at the forefront of my company in terms of participation as a volunteer, helping to organize events for the company that promote social responsibility.

I have increasingly come to appreciate the critical role of Communications in international commerce ever since my freshman year of college as a finance major fully immersed in the study of financial market fluctuations. I soon realized that most of those fluctuations were due to a press release or an announcement by a senior executive or CEO. Since then, I have paid especially close attention in my studies to the complex interrelationships between marketing, management and communication, particularly as concerns the oil industry. After completing my undergraduate studies, I first spent nearly two years as a Financial Analyst in the Treasury Department of the Water & Power Utility Company, beginning in early 2012. In late 2013, I was hired by Saudi Aramco as a financial analyst with the business planning unit. Both of these positions helped me to more fully appreciate the critical and central role of both marketing and communication in the operation of day-to-day business.

Throughout my career with the company, I have especially enjoyed my direct involvement with the planning of public and cultural events, particularly those having to do with corporate social responsibility. Earning my Master’s Degree at XXXX in Integrated Marketing and Communication will allow me to make my maximum professional contribution to the company that I serve as well as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia more generally speaking; and by extension the world.

I appreciate very much the advanced, socially responsible vision of XXXX University, especially in the area of Communication. I crave the rigors of XXXX University, a program that is respected world-wide for producing the most successful professionals in their field. I have now worked in several departments in Saudi Aramco, including Public Affairs, which provides me with current experience so as to help me hit the ground running at XXXX, contribute valuable things to class discussions, and excel.

I thank you for considering my application to your entirely unique, unsurpassed Master’s Degree Program in Integrated Marketing Communications at XXXX.