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Dr Robert Edinger with Son David



Architecture Masters, Environmental Studies, Green

My parents are from the Middle East and I grew up in California in a very strict household that emphasized the importance of education, especially math and science. Soon, however, I found that my passion lay in the arts and architecture. Art History was my favorite class in high school and I also studied drawing and drafting at our local community college. I also volunteered my time with a local architecture firm so that I could become familiar with the profession

I decided to attend college at UXX where I completed my degree in environmental studies major. I chose this major because of my love for the environment and my keen desire to become a green architect. I also completed three internships during the course of my college experience. My first position was involved researching and applying for grants for a program devoted to helping promoted green entrepreneurs. I very much enjoyed helping students locally and around the bay area to fund innovative projects dedicated to green education. I also organized fundraisers and developed our ties with foundations that might be able to help fund our programs.

For my second internship, I worked with a local green architect, XXXX, organizing the information on her websites and then adding additional information concerning educating the public about “green” practice. I helped her to market her services by finding conferences and workshops that she could attend.  My third Internship was with XXXX Architects and Builders--XXXX and XXXX, in Capitola CA. Here I did basic everyday office tasks to make sure the firm ran smoothly. I helped them to publish their work on sites such as Architectural Record, Arch Daily, Architizer, Homestyle, Custom Home, and to produce an architecture book that is currently being published by XXXX in Japan. I did 3D renderings of their sketches in the program Google Sketchup, hosted events in the homes designed by the architects and answered detailed questions about each home to prospective clients and homeowners. I learned basic Autocad and did the topography and elevations for projects as well as basic interior plans. I helped them to obtain building and planning permits. I also created materials boards with Photoshop Program, looked up building codes to make sure we were up to code in the building plans. Finally, I chose interior accessories for homes that were currently under construction such as lighting, hardware, tubs, and tiles and I worked at the job sites helping with the construction.

I hope to one day own my own architecture firm with my sister who is studying to be an interior designer. My central professional focus is on the promotion of green architecture. I want to dedicate my life to fusing buildings into their natural surroundings in increasingly creative ways, with an eye towards energy efficiency. I have always looked up to XXXX, a world famous architect who is related to my father and I hope to earn a spot working with her firm after finishing my masters degree. I admire her determination to not be held down by the fact that she is a Middle Eastern woman. Her work inspires me to think outside of the box and create not only a functional building, but a piece of art.  

My long term plan is to someday own an architectural firm that caters to corporations that are interested in leading the way forward and setting an example for smaller enterprises in terms of creative ways to honor and preserve our natural environment at the same time that economic productivity is maximized.

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