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Dr Robert Edinger with Son David



Masters Architecture, Iranian Artist

It was intended that I should be a physician and, in my early teens, I was perfectly happy to go along with this parental ambition. However my family members are mainly involved in engineering, design and architecture and, in my mid teens, genetic influences suddenly seemed to supersede my original career intentions. I spent all my spare time reading about art and architecture and, after much concentrated private study, eventually qualified for entry to study at the Tehran College of Art and Architecture at the age of 18.

I wanted to study Interior Design but no such program of study existed in Iran and so I studied the closest alternative, Industrial Design. I was awarded my degree in May 2007. I was aware of the prestigious reputation of Virginia Tech. in my areas of interest and wanted to apply for entry once I had completed my studies in Iran. My father is a graduate of VT and was the first person to take a Ph.D. in Earthquake Engineering. I wanted to experience the academic environment that my father had loved so much. Unfortunately, my family was unable to afford to fund this ambition until 2009 when I was finally able to begin my studies in Virginia and entered the Interior Design program.

 I was very happy studying Interior Design but my professor urged me to change my major to architecture because she saw that my work was biased towards large scale concepts and vision. I thank her every day for pointing me in, what I see now to be, the right direction. I am fascinated by architecture because of the melding of science and art towards creating something that has utility and beauty, impacts on the environment of many people and that will stand perhaps for generations. The responsibilities of an architect are quite breath-taking combining so many disparate skills and taking account of the needs and views of so many with direct and indirect interests in a project. I am also very excited at the developments in building design and materials that will eventually provide us with buildings that produce energy rather than consume it. I hope to be a part of the solution to energy use reduction through architecture.

 I have been fortunate in being exposed to architectural styles in Iran and the US.  I am also part of the school’s ‘study abroad program’ based in Switzerland and have seen the best in European architecture during my visits. I am very much looking forward to a further study trip to Europe in the spring semester of 2012.

 I love the academic environment at VT and very much want to undertake my higher studies in this positive, supportive and challenging milieu. Thus I am applying in this, my fourth year of bachelor degree studies, to undertake a combined BA and MA program in my fifth year and complete the MA program in my sixth year of study.

 I know that there is no valid reason to pursue a career in architecture unless one is passionate about it. I also know that I have the necessary passion to become a successful and effective architect. I hope to be involved in research relating to urban architecture during the program. I am also aware that those fortunate enough to have well rewarded careers that they love should donate some of their time and skill to assist charities and non-profit bodies to achieve their goals and I intend to do so.

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