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Dr Robert Edinger with Son David



Master Business Analytics, Agricultural, Korean

I write on behalf of my application for exceptional admission for spring 2017 to the Master of Science in Business Analytics Program at Oklahoma State University. I hope to be granted admission with exceptional status to your program since I am already taking one of the core courses this semester and I have already taken three classes that would qualify as electives, two in the field of statistics from the Department of Statistics as well as a Base SAS Programming class through the Marketing Department at XXU. A PHD candidate in Agricultural Economics at OSU, I will graduate this coming May of 2017. I am also currently working on a Graduate Certificate in Business Data Mining and have been certified as a Base Programmer for SAS 9 by SAS in 2016.

I was awarded a Distinguished Graduate Fellowship at XXXX University (2013-2014), I think, because I am a very hard worker with extremely high motivation. Since childhood I have dreamed of becoming a distinguished professor in Korea. Academic hierarchy in my country, however, is highly structured and rigid, especially in my chosen field of Agricultural Economics. This field, in particular, is dominated by older men who show little sign of inclusiveness to women in this area of study. The problem is complicated by the fact that Agricultural Economics is no longer taught at private universities, with only the national universities now offering this field of study. Thus, holding the Master’s Degree in Business Analytics will provide me with the special qualification that I need in order to be as competitive as possible in a system where the odds are stacked against me both as a woman and as a younger person.

I look forward to many decades to come of intense research in an academic setting since I hope to make my major contribution to society by analyzing data, creating value through analytics, and finding optimal and meaningful solutions to a variety of problems in a diverse range of industries related to Agricultural Economics, developing novel, analytical approaches to the fields of agribusiness and marketing. I also look forward to teaching new generations of Korean university students in the area of applied agricultural economics, especially Agribusiness and Marketing Analytics. Strengthening our educational system will help Korea to better compete internationally in the area of food production and marketing. I also look forward to working on research and outreach activities with the Government of Korea, designing policies to benefit agribusiness: consumers, producers, and marketers.

Due to rapid advances in computer software development and the ever-growing volume of structured and unstructured data available from both internal and external sources, the key challenge is to find and use the right tool for the software task, especially in the fields of agribusiness and marketing. With a strong aptitude for analytical thinking, I have acquired a thoroughgoing theoretical background in agricultural economics and statistics. I am familiar with computer applications using R, SAS, Stata, and Gams, and have constantly improved my quantitative skills, particularly with respect to econometrics and linear and nonlinear mathematical programming – as a result of my PHD program.

My 10 years of professional experience serving with the Korea Rural Economic Institute (KREI) as a graduate research assistant have also helped me to sharpen my analytical abilities and will help me to hit the ground running and distinguish myself in your MS Program in Business Analytics at XXU. I firmly believe that the Master of Science in Business Analytics program at XXXX University will provide me with the optimal platform upon which to continue to grow intellectually, to become more sophisticated on a theoretical level and increasingly efficient at the design and execution of new statistical models that will allow us to develop novel and creative, data driven approaches to practical challenges. I thank you for considering my application to Business Analytics at XXU.

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