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Dr Robert Edinger with Son David



Chiropractics, Philosopher, Pharmacy Supervisor

Perhaps the fact that I am earning my undergraduate degree in Philosophy yet work for Kaiser Permanente as a Pharmacy Supervisor speaks to a rebellious, subversive, or non-traditional side of my character that is manifest in my distaste for traditional medicine. My choice of Chiropractics as a career, on the other hand, speaks to my enormous respect and profound passion for fitness as produced by optimal nutrition and exercise. For me, Chiropractics is more about attaining optimal health than anything else; something that will never be obtained through the care of a medical doctor and/or ‘traditional’, pharmaceutical medicine alone. For me this is also a family issue, since my parents and grandparents practiced homeopathic medicine and made a believer out of me whilst growing up.

The human body has always been something spectacular and astonishing to me. I was always amazed on how the human body works in different ways. In the process of pursuing my degree in college, I got the opportunity to work with actual cadavers in my anatomy and physiology labs. From taking those courses, I became even more flabbergast with the human body and increase my understanding how important ones body really is.  Also, I came to find out that my goal in life is to promote good health through exercise, nutrition, fitness, and to help people stay away from traditional medicine as much as possible. I have also seen my parents and grandparents practiced homeopathic medicine.  Seeing them make miracles that are unimaginable happened had given me a reason to why I am choosing the profession of Chiropractic.

At this moment I am working full time as a Pharmacy Supervisor at Kaiser Permanente. I am a philosophy major, minor in sports medicine. Throughout my years of studies and experiences, I have gained a lot of knowledge about how the human body works, especially how it responds to physical exertion. Every day I see patients come in for their high blood pressure medication, high cholesterol medication, insulin medication, and diabetic medication, and I want to make a huge impact in promoting exercise, fitness, and nutrition. Seeing these patients made me realize that the world needs people like me to help them get back on track with their health conditions, and to help find a way to a better healthier lifestyle. I am astonished by the advances in great fields like Chiropractor that have professions available to help those who have been in bad accidents, and/ or severe injuries to be treated and healed. My interest in becoming a Chiropractor was finalized and confirmed through my experiences as an athlete, promoting good health to families and friends, and through my healthcare profession at work.

As a Pharmacy Manager at Kaiser Permanente, I have learned many skills to overcome many obstacles. I have learn to communicate effectively with other managers and staffs, I developed strong leadership skills, budgeting incredibly large money, creating action plans for projects, working under pressure and meeting goals, and most importantly servicing and providing great quality customer service skills for my patients that comes through my pharmacy. I am passionate about good healthy living, and I spend a lot of time working out and bringing good nutrition into my life. Through good nutrition, working out, and a lot of trial and error I have learned that consistency is the key to everything. The human body can change over such a short period of time and one needs to stay consistent on a regular basis to maintain ones quality of health.  

Overall I am very confident and believe that I am a hard-working person with great sets of skill to motivate, inspire, and to study the human science behind Chiropractic. I am very goal driven and very passionate about everything I do. I feel that, with my skills, I can succeed to become a great Chiropractor and bring a different kind of level of care to the health care industry. I want to improve the lives of others through body adjustments and postures, nutrition’s, and through exercise so I can lead them to a better healthier lifestyle that one can enjoy. 

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