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Dr Robert Edinger with Son David



MS Architectural Design, Civil Engineering, Korean


“Together let us desire, conceive, and create the new structure of the future.” - Walter Gropius

 I still remember reading this quote by Walter Gropius when my mother took me to a Bauhaus Exhibition in Korea sixteen years ago. Gropius’s words continue to form a rhythm  in my mind to this day, driving me on towards upwards spirals of creativity, ambition, perennial progress in architecture. This is why I am applying to your illustrious Master of Architecture Program at XXXX University with academic background of structural engineering and art as well as working experience in business management and civil engineering. I believe that an education at XXXX University will inspire me to think in ever more sophisticated and innovative ways about how to improve urban architectural designs, especially in environmentally and socially responsible ways.

 Inspired by numerous giants in architecture and their timeless masterpieces, I have always given my all to my studies so as to become the greatest architect possible. I graduated from the University of Calgary in June, 2010 with a degree in civil engineering and solid preparation in the areas of structural engineering, visual studies, and art history, all carefully selected in preparation for advanced study in the architectural design of sustainable human environments in planet friendly ways. After completing my studies I joined Accenture, the world’s largest business management consulting firm where I served as a Technology Consulting Analyst.  It has been a demanding and highly fulfilling adventure providing me with invaluable experience in the articulation of my ideas, learning to persuade clients successfully through the application of my increasingly creative entrepreneurial mind-set. This experience will help me to excel in your program and build a strong foundation for a creative future with the sky as my limit.

I have also had the privilege of working as a structural engineering intern for sixteen months at Stantec Consulting Ltd., an international architecture and engineering consulting company, where I was involved in various structural engineering and urban landscape development projects. Working closely with engineers, architects, and landscape architects, I came to much better appreciate the complex organization of architecture projects. I especially enjoyed site inspections and sharing in the management of construction projects including a multi billion dollar medical facility and a 250 acre residential community.  During my internship in Germany as a Transportation Engineering Research Assistant at the Technical University of Berlin, I had an opportunity to engage in the in-depth analysis of traffic in and around Berlin, helping to improve road safety. I slept little throughout the summers of 2008 and 2009, constantly on the move exploring more than 35 different European cities and towns in 12 different countries, finely honing my eye for distinctive architectural genius in diverse historical and cultural settings.

 My mother graduated from a prestigious art school in Korea and my father is a structural engineer who heads projects in a world-class engineering firm; thus, I have always been surrounded by both artistic and constructive aspects of design from a very young age. Having excelled in my education in both engineering and art, I now believe that now I am eminently prepared to make my mark in their creative synthesis, architectural design.  I am able to approach design problems from novel perspectives, integrating and applying my knowledge and experience in the quest for increasingly creative design solutions. I am driven to excel in your program and thankful for your consideration of my application.

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