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Dr Robert Edinger with Son David



CIS Masters, Comp Sci & Info Systems, Saudi

I very much want to earn a Masters Degree in your state-of-the-art program so that I can become a university professor in my field in my native Saudi Arabia. I currently live in Michigan and have been preparing to begin your program. Graduating from the University of XXXX will help provide me with the education that I will need to help my country to develop in the area of information sciences and to prosper as part of our globally interconnect world were information and web-based development is so very important.

 I have always been a very hard worker and a good student. In my last year as an undergraduate student in the Department of Computer Information Systems at King Kalid University, my final project won the King Kalid Prize as one of the 5 best student projects in my city. I am confident that attending your program at the University of Michigan will allow me to lay an exception foundation for a promising career in my field and will give me the expertise that I will need to become an outstanding professor of Computer and Information Systems in a Saudi university.  

 After completing your program I plan to return to Saudi Arabia so as to gain additional hands-on fieldwork as a computer scientist. My long term goals include returning to the United States at some point to pursue doctoral studies. I am especially interested in doing research in the management of applied technological systems as they relate to computer science and information systems (CIS).

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