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Dr Robert Edinger with Son David



Master’s Financial Engineering, Accounting Major

I am a woman born and raised in China, now living in Ohio. I will be awarded a BS in Accounting in May and a BA in Mathematics and Statistics in July 2011. I speak Mandarin, Cantonese and English.

From the first class I ever took in Finance, I was fascinated. I was drawn by the magic that intangible things can create so much value and affect the economy so much. In combination with other business classes I took, I had a chance to know the wide range of the business world. It was clear to me that no other academic or career choice was possible for me.

In High School I developed an interest in computer programming and won second prize in a competition in this subject in my home town. I also won a second prize in the China Mathematics Competition. These successes would not have been possible without strong analytical and problem solving skills which were further demonstrated when I undertook research about the mathematical principles behind fractals and their applications in society during my undergraduate math program.

My academic work and the experiences gained through internships and voluntary work has provided me with a good basic background in Accountancy and this has been underpinned and extended by my studies for my other major in Math and Statistics.

Of several relevant internships that I undertook, the one that was most interesting involved work with the XXXX Credit Union.  Risk assessment and management became a practical daily reality during this time rather than a theoretical matter and I began to understand its critical effect on individuals, business entities and society, especially in the light of recent events in the wider financial world.  I decided that risk was an area in which the sort of analytical and mathematical skills that I naturally possessed could be very usefully applied and that I could make a real difference in the world by working within it.  It was then that I began to seek a program that would provide me with the knowledge that would utilize my skills and interest.

In the new reality of the global economy, I realize that risk management has become even more relevant to everyone, in that individual countries are no longer insulated from imprudent decisions made in other economies as was the case to some extent previously.

I demonstrated leadership and creativity skills in voluntary work during my sophomore year at XXU. Many international students were homesick and missed familiar foods. I was founder and first president of the Universal Food Organization that provided home country food for international students and exposed local students to a variety of different cultures. The organization grew from 20 to 300 student members during my presidency. This provided me with valuable experience in time management, effective communication, effective team work and liaison with other bodies for mutual benefit.

My experience of living in two contrasting cultures and interacting with students, teachers and colleagues from a wide variety of cultures has been an important part of my education. I enjoy meeting people from cultures that are unfamiliar to me, learning about them and sharing my own.

I see the program as providing me with more knowledge in the areas of statistical analysis and especially financial analysis modeling. I also hope to develop skills in professional analysis, business communications and decision making. The program will enable me to achieve my short term goal of assisting the development of the economy of my home country where I hope to be employed by a major consulting firm or bank as a financial analyst. My long term goal is to be the chief financial officer of a major company.

I have carefully researched the programs available and consider yours to be by far the ‘best fit’ to enable me to achieve my academic goals and my career ambitions thereafter. Also I have a friend who is a student in the program and her experiences have been very positive.

It is my hope to undertake research in financial risk management, if accepted into the program. I am aware that the program will attract many well qualified applicants. However I genuinely feel that my personal characteristics and skills together with my experience, academic background and most importantly my passion for the subject of risk, will enable me to profit personally from the program and to provide very useful insights to my class and to the academic community.

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