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Dr Robert Edinger with Son David



MS Financial Engineering, Instruments, Chinese

My introduction to Financial Engineering came in my junior year in college.  I was immediately fascinated by the subject and recognized its basic importance in achieving everyone’s financial well-being. I undertook some private research and decided then that this was the specialty that I would like to pursue.

As I researched the subject, I came to appreciate the vital importance of this area of study to the well-being of the entire financial and banking system, especially in the light of the events leading up to the banking crisis of 2008 when poorly (and possibly, cynically) designed financial products caused a near collapse in world’s financial institutions.  I have taken a close interest in the way that financial products are designed and marketed since my initial introduction to the subject and have undertaken much private study and research into the subject to equip myself for this application. I also have some directly relevant, though admittedly limited, work experience gained during an internship spent at Citi Bank working in derivatives. I seek entry to the program in the Financial Markets and Corporate Finance track.

I am aware that, as financial instruments become ever more sophisticated, an increasing need arises for enthusiastic and knowledgeable experts who have the capability of, not only understanding the complex modelling techniques required to accurately gauge the risks involved in, and to design robust products, but also the ability to explain them to non-specialist colleagues, clients and regulators.  

The development of sophisticated financial instruments is certainly not as highly evolved in my home country of China as it is in the US and Europe. It is my intention to apply the skills and knowledge that I shall acquire on the program in the financial markets in my home country. I also hope to train others to assist in this vital area for the financial development and well-being of the country and others in Asia. I believe that the development of expertise in this specialty is extremely important to China especially in view of recent events and resulting scrutiny of Chinese financial markets and the importance of those markets in the world’s economy.

My undergraduate studies, in Actuarial Mathematics, have provided an excellent basis for the program especially as it relates to the measurement of risk. I have studied financial theory, the tools of mathematics. I have also mastered computer programming in C++, Python, R Studio, VBA, Excel and Stat., all of which are directly applicable to the program. I am confident that I have the academic potential to acquire the required technical skills and the natural characteristics that will enable me not only to succeed, but to excel in the program and in a career in this specialty.

I have experience as a tutor in mathematics gained during my undergraduate career which also involved the organization of various events for the benefit of students.  I understand the importance of being amiable and approachable yet confident in getting the best from people. The work also honed my planning skills and gave me experience of applying personal initiative in a variety of situations.

I look forward to the opportunity of assisting in useful research in the field and would be especially interested in research related to Financial Engineering. I have happily studied, worked and socialized with people from many social and cultural origins. I have lived in China, Singapore, which is a very cosmopolitan country, and also in the US.  I enjoy sharing knowledge of my own culture and learning about others. I speak Mandarin and English and am currently learning Japanese.

I am attracted to the program because of the prestigious faculty, the comprehensive range of the curriculum and the success of its graduates. I seek a challenging but supportive academic environment and am confident that I shall enjoy this within the program. I also seek to study in a large financial centre in order to maximize the opportunities for internships relevant to my future career.

I promise to participate enthusiastically and diligently if selected and to seek to excel within it. I believe that my academic background and interests provide an extremely ‘good fit’ and that I shall be able to bring useful insights for the benefit of others and I look forward to receiving the benefit of my colleague students’ academic and work experiences.

Thank you for considering my application.

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