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Dr Robert Edinger with Son David



HRM, Human Resource Management, Saudi

Once I understood the vital importance of Human Resource Management in enabling organizations to achieve their goals, to minimize costs and to maximise the effectiveness of employees I was immediately drawn to the specialty. In my years of work and studies to date, I have never regretted my choice. Having acquired significant experience and knowledge through my work and studies, I now seek to acquire the advanced skills and knowledge to enable me become an expert practitioner, to assist in achieving further advances in the subject and to become a leader in the field, to teach and mentor the next generation of HRM specialists and to share my own passion for the specialty with them and others within the organizations in which I shall serve.

It is clear that the successful HR Manager possesses particular personal characteristics that are perhaps quite unusual but I am confident that I possess these and have made positive and continuous efforts to develop them in my career to date. I believe that the basic requirement is a liking for people and for interacting with them and the ability to gain their trust and confidence. I get on well with others and find great satisfaction in helping them to achieve their professional potential and to help find solutions to their problems. I have highly developed listening skills and have developed the skill of interpreting non-verbal signals that might indicate reluctance, for whatever reason, to be open about the actual matter of concern.

I enjoy designing and executing presentations whether for training or management information purposes and am considered to be very effective in this area of work which I greatly enjoy.

I know that an effective HR manager has an excellent understanding of the financial, accounting, marketing and operational functions of their organization and how they relate to each other. I ensure that I keep in close touch with managers in all these specialities and that I am aware of their current challenges and successes whether directly related to HR matters or not and that they are similarly informed about my own situation. I have also sought to benefit from the insights of HR colleagues in a variety of industries and organizations. I have found that some things that appear industry-specific at first sight turns out to have wider applications with appropriate modifications. I seek to constantly update my knowledge and to be aware of innovations in the specialty through the reading of professional journals and the works of experts in the field.

I also recognize the importance of taking an interest in the insights available from those serving in the more humble capacities in the organization and to listen to their concerns and to encourage them to seek advancement academically and in their career. I also take time out to ‘pass the time of day’ with colleagues at all levels and sometimes these casual encounters yield useful information as well as providing reassurance that the organization is interested in them and their views and values their various roles.

I am aware of the particular need for cultural awareness and sensitivity in HR management. I have happily studied, worked and socialized with people of many different cultural and social backgrounds and look forward to extending these experiences in the program and in my work in the future.  I am fairly well travelled having visited several European countries and have travelled within the US. I have always used these travels as an opportunity to learn something about the local communities and industries. I possess a well-developed sense of humor which has always been a useful asset especially in defusing potentially confrontational situations.

My particular interest is in business leadership and strategy and I hope to assist in research in this area especially from an enterprise perspective focusing on processes and activities applied in the formulation of business objectives and how strategy is aligned to human capital management.

I am attracted to the program because of the high prestige of the faculty, the range of the curriculum and the success of those who have graduated. I shall seek to add to the ‘lustre’ of the program for my own benefit and that of my fellow students, the faculty and my future employers.

I believe that my academic success in my bachelor degree in HR Management, my substantial professional experience and, most importantly, my passion for the specialty and for acquiring expert level skills and knowledge will enable me to excel rather than merely succeed in the program. I also believe that I am equipped to ‘add value’ by bringing useful and interesting insights from my professional experience. I can assure the reader that I shall participate in the program with great enthusiasm and diligence.

Thank you for considering my application.

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