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MPH, Masters Health Management and Policy

The seeds for my academic and career paths were planted at a very tender age. Indeed, summer vacations found me wearing my school uniform, so reminiscent of a nurse’s uniform, and going to work with my mother, a district nurse.  In reality, my mother’s example as a compassionate care provider instilled in me the value of contributing to society by helping others.

 Professionally, I feel that I have exhausted every path of opportunity and challenge at my current academic level. As Project Coordinator for Bermuda Health Council, I am attuned to the distinct need for enhanced healthcare management and policy measures to establish a more viable and sustainable healthcare system. It was during undergraduate study that I first noted the fundamental relationship between the analytical aspects of Biology and its practical applications to healthcare, a relationship I grew eager to explore.

 Personal experiences during college have made me resolute to excel in Public Health. The untimely loss of six loved ones to cancer and traffic accidents, have reaffirmed my life’s mission, to contribute to society, and more significantly, not let their losses to have been in vain.  The obvious impact on my studies does not reflect the mature student that I am, nor does it take into account my professional experiences. Moreover, the birth of my daughter found me promising to myself and to her future, to be an example for what can be accomplished through perseverance.

 Engaging in an MPH program with an emphasis on Health Management and Policy will enable me to bring many of my goals to fruition.  Foremost in my mind is to instigate healthcare policy reform, establishing standards for improving systemic efficiencies. Furthermore, I intend to develop protocols to evaluate healthcare indicators, advocate for cost-containing measures, foster stakeholder collaboration, and promote healthier lifestyle choices particularly concerning the prevention and management of chronic diseases. By publishing my findings, I am confident our model for reform could prove useful to other communities.  An MPH will be an excellent foundation from which I can pursue an MD in Internal Medicine, eventually filling the position of Chief Medical Officer, expanding my influence from the health of individuals to entire communities.

 Building on my academic and volunteer experiences, I have expanded my research capacity, developed and completed projects and reports and met with various public health stakeholders through the Health Council. My projects include investigating methods to regulate pharmaceutical costs and assessing the feasibility for implementing a trauma registry. Public Health has increasingly presented itself as an exciting and dynamic field, and I look forward to immersing myself further.

 XXXX is my sole choice for academic development and research.  XXXX stood out to me from other schools as being a professional school of excellence where I could naturally progress from Public Health to medicine. I look forward to attending XXXX with great eagerness, in preparation for larger contributions to the only field that has ever brought me personal and professional satisfaction. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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