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MPH African Doctor, Ivory Coast

A mature, very hard working physician from the Ivory Coast, I have long dedicated my life to serving my fellowman man and woman through the promotion of public health. I see your program as the optimal location for continuing my professional development in this area. It is my hope that your program will help me to achieve a very high level of professional skill in the design, implementation, and evaluation of health programs, especially for vulnerable and underserved populations in rural and isolated areas, and particularly in my native Africa. Ever since I was in medical school, I have developed a special interest in infectious diseases. This is why, after completing the program, I went on to attain a university diploma in France in the area of Methods and Practice in Epidemiology. Another critically important aspect of my professional preparation was the 4 years that I spent as a Medical researcher for the CDC HIV Program in the Ivory Coast.

My long term goal is to assume a leadership position at an international governmental agency or non-profit organization that addresses the issue of infectious diseases on a global scale. I wish very much to continue my education in infectious disease epidemiology as a student in the Advanced Professional M.P.H Program at XXXX School of Public Health with a special concentration in the area of Global Health, since this will inspire and prepare me to make the greatest possible contribution to our struggle against infectious disease on a planetary level, especially Africa, with its dreadful realities coupled to its incessant courage and hope foremost in my mind. Working in public health education would be a special privilege. Since French is my first language, I will be in a unique position to develop bilingual education programs designed to raise awareness of the need to deal more effectively with infectious disease in Africa.

 Through my many years working as a clinician and researcher, I have gained a deep and abiding concern for the medically underserved, and I am deeply troubled by the way that one’s low economic status in Africa often results in one simply being left to die. Most importantly, what drives my optimism and zeal is my acute awareness of the way that most of the diseases that kill so many of our people in developing countries can be prevented. I have selected the M.P.H program at XXXX to boost my career perspectives, full of confidence that your program will enable me to become a complete public health specialist, not only dealing with HIV/AIDS, but also moving beyond this scourge and embracing other major public health issues as well, including malaria, TB, and non communicable diseases. I had the privilege of participating in the X International Conference on AIDS/STD in Africa as well as numerous other conferences on this subject in several different African countries.

 For the past two years, I have done volunteer work at XXXX Hospital in the Elder Horizon Program. My experience working with older people has taught me the need for patience and dedication, and the power of humility and compassion when interacting with patients and families. My experience with both research and clinical practice has enabled me to begin to see the big picture of public health issues. But I still need to learn so much more about public health. I ask for your help so as to prepare myself for the fullest participation possible participate in the struggle to reduce health risks and promote safe environments through effective public health education, especially in my beloved Africa.

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