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Dr Robert Edinger with Son David



MA, Masters TESOL, Iran

My homeland of Iran is a country of many languages with many differing dialects of multiple origins. Growing up, traveling, being educated, and educating others in this incredibly culturally diverse environment, I have been fortunate enough to learn and be conversant, read and write in two languages, including Persian and English.  I truly love languages, communication in all its wonderful forms throughout the world.

In terms of my academics, it is intrinsically intertwined with my professional career.  My undergraduate education in English began in 1987.  It was my aim to become an effective teacher of English for children in secondary education.  I consider this part of my career to have been the time in which I developed effective methods for conveying concepts, clearly explaining the basics of English through increasingly creative approaches, and giving extra tutoring or instruction as needed, so as not leave anyone behind. 

 As time went by, I found that I wanted to further develop my understanding of - and to research - the various language-related problems that I had observed in my teaching career.  Indeed, having taught in several different teaching environments, and levels, not only have I developed the ability to quickly adapt, to think on my feet, but have been given me greater insight into the assorted challenges facing those wanting to learn English.

 Overall, for the past eighteen years I have dedicated myself to the study and teaching of English.  My professional work has exposed me to the specialized approaches to teaching as well as the effective translation of English by teaching/coaching students in university entrance exam strategies as well as designing final exam questions in 1993 and 94 for my municipality.  In fact, in my teaching, I make use of language labs, stories, student presentations and in-class debates.  While this was time-consuming and required a great deal of energy, the rewards were truly personally and professionally satisfying.  I like to think of the changes and impact I have had on my students’ individual futures.  The accolades and awards are wonderful, but all I want – forever – is to affect change in my charges’ lives.

In anticipation and preparation for the challenge and opportunity of the graduate SLT program, I am enrolled for obtaining my IELTS, and anticipate receiving my certificate in a just a few months.  A Masters in TESOL will enable me to achieve my goals of being instrumental in the refinement of the course structure and syllabi of a university or school system in Iran.  In order to affect changes for the betterment of the further education of our students, I will need to do further research into methods to increase students ability to not only communicate effectively, but to communicate as authentically as possible, goals that the Faculty of Education can satisfy.  No other school can offer me a more comprehensive and current regimen of linguistic theories, nor the depth of analysis of language and languages’ components.

 It is my aim to eventually become a professor at an Iranian university, researching the different aspects of English, and how it is learned and taught.  For the future, I envision, upon building my experiences, to study psychology, bringing strategies from the discipline to the classroom.  In terms of my immediate teaching career, though, I plan to contribute to my profession by bringing the world-class education I obtain to my homeland, as well as developing textbooks.

The University of XXXX is my sole choice for scholastic development.  I am confident that my unique international education and comprehensive experiences - my cultural competency – will aid me tremendously in my research opportunities as well as being a unique addition to the student body of Canada’s finest university.  Thank you for your time and consideration.

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