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Statements of Excellence in Peace, Justice & Conflict Studies

Great Accomplishments in Peace Studies

Music is a bridge, connecting everyone, it’s the ideal medium for crossing barriers, and uniting diverse people; music also knows no boundaries.

More than any other form of communication, music is able to transcend differences between people, it has the power to change us physically, directly affecting the emotions and the chemical balance of the body.

Music inspires us and takes us to other places; it can lift our spirits and increase our creativity. Music can heal.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon recently said, “There are no languages required in the musical world; in this era of instability and intolerance, we need to promote better understanding through the power of music.”

Electronic music plays a key role in the How Weird Street Faire. It’s one of the reasons why the faire attracts people from all over the world.

Electronic music is the most diverse and globally listened to music in human history, and every culture and every country has DJs playing and creating music. Communities are forming wherever people dance together.

In some places it is the mainstream culture, in others it is alternative or underground, but electronic music is present everywhere on the planet.

Electronic music is a good choice of music for helping to create peace, as represented by the cultural motto of “peace, love, unity, and respect”.



Dance is a fun activity that everyone can participate in. It is a very effective way of connecting with others.

Dance and music are powerful ways to reach a deep meditative state, which has been used for thousands of years with much success. A meditative state is helpful for bringing inner peace, and building the foundations for lasting peace with those around you.

Dancing in a group also synchronizes individuals on a collective level, enabling deeper understanding and acceptance of others, and forming coherence among a group. In spite of our differences, when we dance to the same beat, we become one and peace is the natural fruit of our actions. There’s evidence to prove it!

A Cambridge University study published in the Psychology of Music journal a few years ago found that “interacting with others through music makes us more emotionally attuned to other people,” resulting in an increase of compassion and understanding of others.

Another article in the American Psychological Association journal Emotion in 2011, named “Synchrony and the Social Tuning of Compassion” described how “synchronized movement evokes compassion” in groups of people.

Science is noticing the same things that we did: dancing together creates very deep connections and increases empathy, leading to peace.

As Dr. Simon Baron-Cohen, professor of developmental psychopathology at Cambridge University says, “Any problem immersed in empathy becomes soluble.”

Cultures all over the planet have enjoyed dance since before the written word; it is a universal expression of life. As Nelson Mandela once said, “It is music and dancing that makes me at peace with the world.”

Visual Art

Visual art, like music and dance, is a form of communication that bridges separations; it speaks directly to the heart and soul.

Art can lead to greater understanding and appreciation of others, too. We find that being surrounded by visionary art helps to recreate those states of awareness, and lay the foundation for deeper connections and understanding to take place.

Music, dance, and art have always been recognized as having powerful effects on human consciousness, and are a fundamental part of our existence.

Becoming More Aware

By viewing the world from a wider perspective, the connections between us become more apparent, as well as our common interests; by raising our level of awareness and understanding, we make it easier to live in peace, to develop connections between people, and to find solutions to the many problems facing humanity at this time—as Albert Einstein explained, “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it,” so we had better reach a new level to find peaceful solutions!

An Open Mind

Celebrating weirdness can encourage people to freely express themselves, and readily accept others. If everyone is weird, all viewpoints are equally valid, and everyone has an opportunity to be appreciated for what they really are.

Suddenly, the person who was an outsider is now a valuable part of a community; the differences between people become so great, that they become something interesting and amusing rather than dividing; similarities that would usually remain elusive are brought out, enabling connections where none could have been imagined before.

Being weird means doing things differently, and seeing the world in a unique way; it enables us to step outside of preconceived notions and stereotypes, and think things we normally wouldn’t think.

Being weird and open-minded used to evoke emotions of fear and intolerance, but in our modern world of rapid changes and extreme complexity, weird has become a desirable attribute, especially in the technology industry—weird has become associated with being creative and innovative.

Thinking in a weird way has become the popular key to "stepping outside of the box", as we try to solve the planet’s problems, as well as our own—perhaps, like clowns and jesters, being weird gives people permission to tear down preconceptions and rewrite all the rules, placing them in a position to find new ways of living and interacting with others..

Sample of My Work in Peace & Conflict Studies

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Sample 1st Paragraph Conflict Resolution, African Applicant

If I were to be given the profound honor of being accepted to your distinguished Master’s Degree Program in Conflict Resolution at XXXX University, I feel strongly that I might be able to make important contributions to resolving conflicts in the world. As someone who was born and raised in Africa and is now completing his undergraduate studies in Turkey I feel that I have the kind of background that would enable me to excel at conflict resolution in the following scenarios in particular: Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Syria, Libya, Nigeria and the Two Sudans, together the most conflictive places on the planet.

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Counter Radicalisation of Youth | Prashan de Visser. How can we prevent the radicalization of today's youth? Prashan de Visser, says the key is to provide mentors and friendships for adults across ethnic and cultural boundaries.


Cultural Competence as a Paradigm for Peace

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Sample 1st Paragraph MA Global Development and Peace

I am a young man from Africa and I feel strongly that I am a strong candidate for your MA program in Global Development and Peace. I have been preparing myself for years now, both in terms of my education and also my professional experience, to attend graduate school in the area of Conflict Resolution, International Relations, Peace building and International Economic Development. I want to come to better understand the theoretical foundations of peace making and to acquire a broad knowledge base in conflict resolution and especially post-conflict peace building. These are my two central objectives and this is why I very much hope to pursue the MA Degree in Global Development and Peace at your highly esteemed University.

Mainstreaming Nonviolence

Peace is fun; fun makes everything better!

Having a positive attitude helps to connect with others and appreciate them, plus it’s hard to fight when you’re having fun. Fun often results in smiles, which are very contagious, help to make people happy, even at a distance.

And happy people are at peace.

Buckminister Fuller noticed that to create change, you need to build something new that makes the old way fully obsolete.

We feel that in order to create a new world that is sustainable and at peace, we need to build something that is better and a more fun way of doing things.

Peace is badly needed now, so that we may thrive on this planet and coexist with each other, and it is through music, art, and the imagination that peace is possible.

Longing to study peace studies? And what a cool subject it is! Let us know how we can help you get onto a wonderful program through our services.

Degree sought, field, or place of origin!