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Dr Robert Edinger with Son David



PHD Analytical Chemistry, Bangladeshi

I have especially enjoyed serving as a Teaching Assistant in the Chemistry Department at XXXX University while earning my Master’s Degree in Chemistry; and I keenly look forward now to returning to the academic world in order to earn my PHD, also in Chemistry. I could not be happier in my chosen field and I look forward to a long and prosperous lifetime giving my all to both Analytical and Organic Chemistry. I have also served as a laboratory assistant at Lamar, and was most thankful for the experience of monitoring lab chemicals and maintaining instruments in accordance with safety regulations.

The University of XXXX, at XXXX is my first choice among PHD Programs in Chemistry for a variety of reasons, personal as well as professional. I especially admire your state-of-the-art facilities for research with your highly modern instrumentation lab. While I admire profoundly and share an intense passion for many of the areas of special research interest of your faculty, generally speaking, I am especially looking forward to the privilege of studying under Dr.  Franco Basile whose research in analytical chemistry dealing with environmental and biological sample analysis I particularly admire. I find myself drawn to the welcoming campus community of the University of Wyoming, particularly the way that it is set in such a picturesque mountain landscape.

I have closely observed chemical reactions since I was a child playing in my own little lab and I see life itself as similar to organic chemistry; as I see it, chemistry provides oxygen for our way of life. My elder brother encouraged me to study hard and pursue a career in science; thus, while still in grade school, I would find myself pondering such things as why the rubber-like substance of my eraser would remove pencil writings from the paper but not those that were made with ink. I earned my BSc in Chemistry from University of Dhaka in 2012 and now I will be finishing my MS Degree with a thesis this coming spring of 2017. I have most enjoyed my advanced courses in Chemistry - organic, inorganic analytical, physical - and instrumental analysis courses. I have also found time for volunteer work here in the USA as well as back home in my native Bangladesh where I served with Education USA, teaching at the American Center at the US Embassy in Dhaka.

I became especially intrigued even as an undergraduate student in the area of spectrochemical analysis and as a Master’s student I have completed a great deal of research involving LC/MS/MS TGA and XRD  instrumentation; and published my first paper on TMS. Competing in our poster competitions here at XXXX University has always been a special honor and privilege since it has helped me to meet many like minded individuals and share notes on advancements in our field. I gave an oral PowerPoint presentation on my research and supplemental proceeding, published on TMS, called: “Thin films and coating for absorptive removal of antimicrobials, antibiotics and other pharmaceuticals” (2016). Another of my poster presentations dealt with my research concerning a “Experimental and quantum chemical study on the removal of emerging water pollutants Triclosan by clay particles”. Finally, I also did a presentation concerning STEM conference held at XXXX University.

I want to devote my lifetime to research in analytical chemistry - organic and physical. It is my sincere hope to make special contributions to the development of medicine at reduced costs, especially for people in my country, Bangladesh, for whom so many are unable to afford the life-saving medication that they need. Thus, while my field is analytical, I never lose sight of the applications for chemistry and its global potential to save lives and prolong health, especially in the Developing World and particularly among those people who are most poor, as is the case with my own people in Bangladesh.

I look forward to a permanent, ongoing engagement with the academic, international chemistry community and I look forward to exciting collaboration and discussion with my peers from all over the world in addition to your distinguished faculty at the University of XXXX. It would be an honor to continue to serve as a Teaching Assistant or assist with research, laboratory activities, etc; I would be an honor to give my all to the service of the faculty, department, and the University of XXXX.

After completing the PHD, I see myself in a multi-research firm where I can devote myself to cutting-edge research for decades to come. I hope to build a distinguished career in teaching as well as research always cultivating and seeking to inspire a deep sense of and appreciation for discovery, bringing forth new light that sheds light on mysteries and points forward in new directions in the quest to make the world a better place to live for all.

I thank you for considering my application to the University of XXXX.


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